Why Coaching

Inspire Positive and Sustainable Action in Yourself, Your Team, and Everyone Around You by Acquiring Coaching Skills

Coaching is a valuable skill set for leaders for a number of reasons, primary among them being the positive action, measurable results, and sustainable success you’ll witness, and experience, as a result. And that’s because coaching provides a platform for eliciting, understanding, and aligning employee interests and goals with those of your organization. Not only does this help to achieve business results that benefit both the organization and your employees, but through a variety of coaching skills, tools, and conversations, you’ll have a powerful means to let your team members know that they’re valued and that they matter – a key factor in increasing employee engagement.

As the Leader Goes, So Goes the Employee

Many agree that an organization’s culture is key to driving its success, especially when that culture is focused on engagement. And when you consider that leaders set the tone for the culture of an organization, it becomes all the more important to look at the extent to which leaders are engaged. After all, as the leader goes, so goes the employee…and the organizational culture. Still not sure? Research actually shows a well-substantiated relationship between leadership engagement and employee engagement, including the extent to which employees:

  • Are committed to the work they do
  • Believe in the values of the company
  • Feel pride in working for their employer
  • Are motivated to go the extra mile and…
  • …deliver business results!

When leaders are engaged, they provide the fuel to power employee engagement. Without it, much like a tank that’s running on empty, the team sputters along without much forward progress. By inspiring engagement in their employees, leaders cultivate an engaged culture where employee engagement comes as a natural result (and your organizational engine is able to fire on all cylinders)!

Fire Up Your Leadership Engine!

It’s not about polishing-up the outside; it’s about making a difference from within. The way you lead today is not something you necessarily chose; rather, your leadership style is one that has evolved from past experiences, the influence of others, and observations of what has (and has not) worked elsewhere. What if you consciously chose how to lead and knew how to do so in a way that not only increased your own level of engagement, but had the desired ripple effect of increasing the levels of engagement of your team, shifting the entire culture of your organization?

Leadership Transformation from the Inside-Out

At iPEC, we believe that leadership is linked to the way you present yourself – not to your title. Consider this: if they take away your title, would your team still follow you? If this question leaves you guessing, it’s time to take a serious look at the kind of impact you’re having on your team, and the degree to which you’re fueling, or draining, employee engagement levels.

The most important decision a leader can make on any given day is the way you choose to “show up.” Are you coming from a place of command-and-control or do you empower-and-encourage your team to unleash their own solutions? Think it doesn’t make a difference? Think again!

Coaching Provides You with the Tools to Empower and Encourage – and Drive Performance

Just like employee engagement begins with you, so too does our program. You see, the transformation of others isn’t possible without transforming yourself, from the inside-out. And that’s why the foundation of our program rests upon iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching™ process  — a robust interdisciplinary coaching method that goes beyond traditional coaching. Based on more than 10,000 hours of research, this proprietary coaching methodology uniquely reveals and develops each person’s authentic leadership style by bringing into sharp focus who they are at their core. It’s the foundation of all of our programs, and it’s what makes them uniquely different, and our participants incredibly successful.

Zack Lemelle CROPEmployee engagement is sinking to record lows. For corporations to flourish in this challenging economic climate, it is crucial that they maintain focus on employee engagement to sustain a thriving workforce.

The key for driving employee engagement is directly connected to leadership engagement. Leaders must be prepared, and supported, to fully engage in all aspects of their position – not only in driving the typical bottom line results, but also in building powerful, dynamic teams and a supportive organizational culture.

Only through a dedicated engagement strategy for leaders and employees can corporations avoid the consequences of high-employee turnover, which often results in losing talented workers and incurring high training costs for new staff.”

-Zack Lemelle