Download Your Copy: The 7 “Must Ask” Questions Before Choosing a Leadership Program

What would your organization look like if your leadership leveled the playing field?

Leadership Programs must know how to provide you with processes for learning and re-learning, for adapting and evolving, for building understanding and trust, and for developing your people on an ongoing basis. Employees will naturally follow you out of want, not out of obligation or need. Middle managers will feel acknowledged, not resentful or reclusive. Newcomer protégés will discover confidence, not ambiguity due to company paradox.

So, ask yourself if your employees exude the following behaviors:

  • Arrive eager and ready to work – full of new ideas
  • Put aside the need to be right – or do things “their way”
  • Replace office politics and cliques with genuine cooperation – and true teamwork
  • Focus on bolstering “what’s right” – instead of scrambling to correct “what’s wrong”
  • Regularly develop innovation and customer service breakthroughs – no longer requiring the creation of special “task forces”
  • Knock on your door for a meeting, ready with multiple solutions and their well-thought-out recommendations – instead of “hey boss, here’s the problem today. What would you like me to do?”

Assuming that these behaviors would enhance your work environment (and add a little more enjoyment to your “job” as leader), then it’s time to take a look at what a leadership program needs to contain in order to help you and your organization get there.

iPEC’s 7 “Must Ask” Questions paper highlights insider information concerning the attributes, modalities, and cultural fabric inhabiting TODAY’S most promising companies. Complete the form below to download this FREE report, and find the answers to the 7 critical questions that anyone in search of a leadership program must get answered before making a decision.

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