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Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program: Building Engaged Leaders

Become an Engaged, and Engaging, Leader

iPEC is the premier leadership development coaching company worldwide because we have a proven record of success. Our dynamic leadership coaching program has been specifically designed to teach the way that people learn best.

Using a layered multi-dimensional approach over the course of five months, we’ll help you transform your way of leading, and shift your level of energy and engagement from the inside out (as opposed to the traditional outside-in approach). The end result? A natural, authentic way of leading that energizes and engages everyone around you.

We don’t rely on traditional, goal-driven training practices, but instead leverage the latest evidence-based, scientific methods and insights. Transformative changes are developed quickly and effectively and can be built upon, and modeled, in the future.

Using our proprietary Core Energy Coaching™ process, we set the stage properly, so that you emerge with a new perspective on what it means, and the impact it has, to lead from your core – not your title.

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