Like many companies, we have struggled to find the 'secret sauce' to improve our employee engagement and, therefore, our customer satisfaction and financial performance...until iPEC's Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program.

- Renee West, President Luxor and Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Leadership Coaching & Engagement Programs

Begin with an Understanding of the Impact of Leadership Engagement on Employee Engagement

Leaders know that disengagement causes lower productivity, increased turnover, and deteriorating morale. Since engagement tends to focus more on employees than leaders, efforts typically focus on providing more recognition, more comfortable environments, better communication, more money, and other perks.

Leadership coaching programs with such an external focus have become the norm. If these attempts were employed in your company, you probably saw a swell of improvement in morale, followed by a drop to a point lower than it was before deploying your external employee incentives.

As a leader, if you're disengaged, or not as engaged as you could be, a game offollow-the-leader ensues, and there's nothing you can do for people to sustain whatever boost in engagement you've seen based on externally motivated programs.

The result: employees who are so dissatisfied that they can't wait to find a new job.Worse, many high potentials, in whom you've invested, are also looking to leave.

As the leadership coach, you need to change this dynamic. (In fact, the operating income of your company depends on it!) Truth is, it's much easier to change yourhabits, and level of engagement, than to get others to change. To be sure, this is a prerequisite before others will take your lead and change.

Create and Sustain a Highly Engaged, High Performance Culture

iPEC's Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program offers a proven approach to turning this tide. Through our highly experiential and deeply transformational training, leaders transform their style and learn to lead by asking questions, listening, and understanding, instead of giving answers, orders, or exercising control. The result is authentic change, igniting a cultural shift that amplifies and inspires greater performance, productivity, and ROI in every area of the business.

Why Coaching: Equipping leaders with coaching skills helps inspire individuals and teams toward positive and sustainable action

Who Takes the Program: From the C-Suite and other top-level executives, to HR Directors and Managers, Physicians to Healthcare Practitioners, leaders of all types, across all industries

Program Takeaways: Participants acquire advanced coaching skills, tools, and competencies, as well as direct training in organizational scenarios in order to become more authentic, energized, and engaging leaders within their organization

Program Phases: Based on principles of the accelerated adult-learning theory, the Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program leverages a layered, multi-dimensional approach to deliver measurable and sustainable results

Syllabus & Tuition: Review the curriculum outline and you'll begin to understand the true return on investment in this transformational training